Is it Worth Buying a Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro?

Indeed, buying a brand new iPhone 12 Pro can be very expensive while there are other pocket-friendly options for buying an iPhone. As the iPhone 12 Pro is now available refurbished, you may have an important question in your mind – Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone Pro or better to go for a brand new phone?

What does ‘refurbished’ exactly mean?

Do not get confused between the terms ‘second-hand’ and ‘refurbished’ while purchasing used handsets. Refurbished devices are more often not used. Unlike second-hand phones, the seller is responsible for cleaning the refurbished devices, resetting them to factory default, and conducting necessary repairs.

Refurbished phones are sold by businesses and often come with a warranty. They also accept returns at times when the device does not meet your expectations or fit the descriptions. Sellers offer refurbished devices in various conditions. The more wear and tear in the device, the less is its price.

Buy a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro: Yes or No?

The answer is yes. Purchasing refurbished iPhone is the new trend. Even though these phones are used before but they are checked thoroughly and thus, work like new. A refurbished handset is always cheaper than a brand new phone and it also comes with a warranty. Not only this, but a refurbished phone is also sustainable as it gets a second life.

Therefore, it is obvious that buying a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro is always a better choice. Now, let’s discuss the top advantages of buying one.

·         Quality Product at Low Price

Regardless of being a good phone, iPhone 12 Pro is the best phone in the iPhone series that has been launched to date. It has come with some significant changes and improvements in several areas compared to Apple’s previous launch, iPhone 11. It has come with a great design, powerful processor, support for 5G internet, and an amazing OLED screen.

As a result, it is more expensive. It is more worthwhile for taking portrait photos as it has three cameras on the back and a special LIDAR sensor. For those who are involved in photography, this phone is a must-go purchase.

Therefore, iPhone 12 Pro is an ever-lasting phone for the years to come. It hardly matters whether you buy it brand new or as a refurbished copy. Technically, both the versions are available in good condition and provide the same quality.

·       Software Support

Normally, Apple phones are updated with new IOS versions for at least 5 years. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro was launched in the year 2020 and the device came with IOS 14. This means that it will probably work fine until at least IOS 19 is launched.

So, there’s no need to leave using the device for software support. Even though Apple never announces how long a smartphone will receive updates, but as a rule, it is always at least 5 years. Now, you can understand that purchasing a refurbished Apple iPhone 12 Pro is an ideal choice with a view to the future.

·       Maintain Sustainability

Modern smartphones are made up of a lot of precious materials that can only be taken out of the ground once. Thus, a refurbished phone is a better choice to protect the environment than a new one.

It is an important point that needs special attention with a view to the future. Smartphone users are increasing worldwide which has resulted in a never-ending demand for important raw materials. You can contribute to the sustainable use of resources by buying refurbished smartphones.


It is always a smart idea to purchase a refurbished iPhone 12 Pro handset. Perhaps, it is your personal choice and preference. But, keep in mind that a refurbished device is always cheaper than a brand new version, promises the same quality, and most importantly it is more sustainable for the environment. So rethink once before you actually purchase an iPhone 12 Pro set for yourself.

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