A Brief Guide on the Different Types of Product Photography

If you are running an e-commerce store, there is likely a variety of products available on it. Just like that, product photos too come in a variety of styles and purposes.

It’s important for you to know the difference between the types of product photography because only then will you be able to choose the right one or mix and match them to depict your product in wonderfully captured photographs.

Keeping that in mind, below we have mentioned the most common types of product shots and how to best use them.

But keep in mind that product photography is a complex thing in practice and you’d do best if you avail the services of professional services for product photography in Los Angeles.

But first, let’s learn about the different types of product photography options that you can choose from.

Individual Shot

This is the most common type of product photograph in which there is only a single object in the frame. The best use of these types of product photographs is in product catalogs, banner images, and product pages. Individual shots are best used to showcase individual products from the collection. With this type of product photograph, the focus remains only on the product with no distractions.

Group Shots

Group shots showcase a kit or collection, i.e. it showcases more than a single product. This type of photography aptly displays a range and variety of your products and thus helps to give the customers a more complete view of what you are offering.

Group shots are a perfect choice for social media posts and advertisements as they give an image of your brand as a whole.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle shots are those where you get to show your products in action. They tell a story behind your product and show your customers how they can use it in their daily lives.

Lifestyle shots are perfect for social media, emails, ads, and other visual channels because they immediately attract attention and give your products a more personal feel.

Lifestyle photos are often shot outdoors to make the products feel more special.

Scale Shots

A common problem with any e-commerce store is that the customers can often fail to gauge the actual size of the product. Though product descriptions can mention the actual dimensions of the product, product photos can be deceiving.

This is where scale shots come into play. In a scale shot, the product is shot along with some other common everyday items. Shooting your products like this will provide the customers with an idea of the actual dimensions of your product and help them visualize the product in their daily lives.

Connecting emotionally with your customers will help them in making purchase decisions more confidently.

Detailed Shots

Detailed shots are ideal for products with detailed intricacies such as jewelry and other small items, that require a close-up shot to highlight specific product features. This type of product photography often requires specific light and camera settings. A macro lens is often used to capture delicate and detailed shots.

Packaging Shots

Today’s online customers want a shopping experience that is smooth and streamlined from the beginning to the end. From browsing on your e-commerce website to receiving the product in the mail, today’s customers seek a consistent shopping experience. And believe it or not, your customers care about packaging.

If they are not impressed with the packaging, they might not purchase your products as well. So, make sure your product photographs include the packaging. And if your products come in beautiful packages why not photograph them and give your customers a taste of what to expect?

Packaging shots are thus extremely important as they give your customers a complete view of the product they are buying.

These are a few common types of product photography options that help in displaying your products beautifully. But to get the most out of product photography, always connect with some reliable service for product photography in Los Angeles. That way, you’ll get a range of options available and you can choose from any of them.

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