Top Tips to Create a Great School Website

Your school website is the way the parents will get introduced to your organization. Of course, the reputation that you’ve built over time plays a role in how interested the parents would be to enroll their kids in your school. But in these times where everything is searched online before making any progress, having a good school website is a must and will only help in creating a good reputation.

But what creates a good school website and how to develop it? Even if you have assigned the designing task to some professional web design for school online you must know what elements to include to make a great school website.

Thus, we have come up with some tips that you can follow to create a great school website.

Easy Navigation

A clean and easy presentation of information always works in all digital spaces. Education websites are no exception. Cluttering your online space with too much content distracts visitors. With too much content, it’s unlikely that people are ever going to read them. It’s also unlikely that they would click through multiple sections to find the content that’s relevant to them. So, make your school website in such a manner that navigating through it is easy and the design is clutter-free

White Space

White space is the space between design elements. Including white spaces in your website can help break up content and help visitors find important information. So, include white space in your web design to make the look clutter-free. However, avoid using too much white space. When creating your school website, try to strike a balance between white space and content.

Consistent Fonts and Colors

While choosing the fonts and colors it’s important to maintain consistency. So, choose two or three different fonts and colors and maintain the same font everywhere on your website, right from the homepage to the staff directory. The colors you choose must also be consistent. Use the same colors to build the website that you choose for offline promotion and branding.

Strong Imagery

Several pieces of research show that we process images 60,000 times faster than texts and we also tend to remember visuals much more than text. Use this fact to your advantage and include strong and relevant imagery on your school website.

It is also seen that pages with images and videos draw three times more views than their text-only counterparts.

Feature Original Photos

While using images on your school website, do not use stock photos as they do little to draw the attention of the visitors. Instead, use high-quality photographs of your own school that shows your campus, classrooms, and students. Maintaining originality often results in the viewers getting impressed.

Follow Accessibility Guidelines

Follow all the web accessibility guidelines so that no one, even people with certain disabilities has no problem accessing your website.

For example, add ALT-text or alternative text to images. ALT text is a phrase or sentence that describes the appearance or function of an image on a website. People with visual disabilities will use the screen reader to access your website and understand the purpose or content of the image through the ALT text that you add.

For videos, you have to choose some alternatives for people with visual or hearing impairments. You can create a transcript and make it available to people with disabilities as a supplement document or link it to a separate web page. You can also provide an audio track describing the video.

These are the few factors you need to keep in mind when creating a school website. Follow all the above tips to make it engaging for both parents and students. For the best results assign the designing task to some reliable services for web design for school online. That way you can enjoy a great school website that is sure to entice its audiences.

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